Casino Games

The Games to Play

March 22, 2018

In a casino, you should know which of the many games have the lowest Vigs. These are the games to play. Avoid the others. Period! Avoid them!

The problem is that people don’t avoid them. The games with the worst Vigs seem so simple, and you hear stories of big scores being made, so you decide to try. Eventually, the Vig will eat up your bankroll.

Examine the casino games:

The Big Wheel: Good luck! You’ll need it! The house has the best of it by almost 17%. This means that for every dollar bet, returns 83 cents. Try dropping a dollar on the ground and picking up 83 cents. Over a period of time, won’t your bankroll disappear? Of course it will.

Next time you are in Atlantic City, go to the big wheel, and count the number of spots. You will find fifty-four. The house pays 45-1 for the Jackpot Spot! Why don’t they pay 53-1? That’s the correct payoff. Well, the difference is Vigorish. Now count the $1 spots. A $1 bet pays even money for a winner. There should be twenty-seven ways to win that bet. How many ways are there?

Slots Machines: Notice the crowds at the slots machines. They’re trying to overcome a Vig of about 13%. That’s because the machines are set to return only 87 % of the take. That’s insane!

Anytime you gamble and aren’t permitted to manage your money, you are forfeiting one of the keys to winning. In most casino games, you are allowed (although certainly not encouraged by the house) to increase your bet when conditions are in you favor, and vice versa. You can’t do that with the Slots.

You say you don’t know how to play the other games? Then don’t play at all. You’re bound to go broke if you challenge the slots.

Roulette: The game of roulette has a Vigorish of 5.26% on the inside numbers and 7.31% on the five number grouping of 0-00-1-2-3. The outside bets in Atlantic City have only a 2.63% Vig because they take only half your bet if 0 or 00 shows when you bet High, Low, Black, Red, Odd or Even.

I believe that this game you a shot, despite the 5.26 Vig on the inside numbers, due to the multiple amount of plays that are available. The 2.63% Vig on the outside bets is also not too shabby.

Since you have to be a perfect Basic Strategy player to get the Vig in Blackjack down to 1.55%, then I’d push you toward Roulette because there are a lot of dorks at the blackjack tables who think basic strategy is a five-years-old’s first attempt to outwit his parents.

Roulette, you’ll find out, is not a bad as the stories you hear about it.