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April 26, 2019

Orbis Openbet is one of the fastest growing online gambling software developers in the UK. They are known for their top line, state of the art games, so when they announced they were releasing more everyone got very excited. They are releasing what they call Package 11 and they say that most online casinos and gamblers are going to love it.

The new package has a variety of online gambling games such as Casinoslots Ireland and OpenBet Fixed Odds Games. Their latest game goes by the name of “Let it Spin” and is considered one of the hottest online accumulator games out there today. Each time you are successful on the wheel your amount of money grows. If you are on white and it hits you get 0.25x your money – if it hits black you get 15x the win. The wheel is then cleared and you start over.

They also have their new “Chain Reactors-All Sports” game as part of the package. It is related to the original Chain Reactors and also has a sports theme. If you can match five or six consecutive characters in a cluster you can win cash payouts. It also offers a triple progressive.

They have also included Atlantic City and Super Fun 21 which are blackjack games that allow you to split and surrender hands. Not only are the games better than they were before, but they have given their operators choices in how the games play and look to their clients. They can change colors, logos card backs, etc. all with incredible ease.

The company says that they are pleased by their latest offering, and that they are determined to give their clients the best possible games that they can. They are going to help their customers have the best possible online gambling experience they can.

As with anything these days, the number of people involved in illegal activities whether on the web or not seems to be increasing. These days it is noticeably the online casinos that are under attack from those that seek to do you harm. Somehow they get their lists of customers from the online casinos and then they target them with their illegal schemes.

Symantec, a well known security firm, had noticed that there had been a lot of attempts on customers to get their personal information, and they were mostly online gambling emails. The phishing attacks were focusing on the online casinos run out of Antigua and the Dutch Antilles, and Symantec first noticed the attacks on the countries and then tracked it back to the casinos.

They say that they are good targets for the phishers as they can usually get a large number of punters to give their information via email, and then they steal their identities. They use their information to open fake accounts and then they launder money through them. They use middlemen to take their money from the online bank accounts and then move it using Western Union.

They are located around the world, so it is tough to narrow them down, and the use of ‘mules’ makes it even harder to find them. Access to the accounts is easy because they have all of the information from the online gambling customers, and they set up pots of games among themselves which allows them to transfer and ‘launder dirty money.’