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January 20, 2019

Hi, I’m Sasha Salinger and I’m here with Jeff Boski. Now you have a poker vlog and vlogs are sort of taking over the Rio right now a lot of players are sort of you know, updating. Doing video updates from the poker table. Tell me how you even got into the idea of vlogging back in December, alright vlog day 1.

We are on the way to play a $ 400 super stack tournament at the Venetian we made it day. 2 Venetian $ 400 super stack, 58 romaine 54 get paid. We have reached the 10 handed final table. My pocket eights beat Ace King 1.8 million, our ace 10 lost to King Jack versus shorty $ 11,500. I didn’t know it was a thing until I saw some other guys doing it and they were getting a lot. A lot of views, a lot of feedback seemed like a fun thing to do, and it was relatively easy.

I just have a app on my iPhone: didn’t have to buy any equipment, anybody can do it, but the editing is the talkest part. Do you keep it? Just about poker or do you talk about your life as well? Oh, no.

We go all around Las Vegas to find steak houses. The a5 Wagyu Kobe filet only at SW steakhouse at the win, massage parlors other gambling adventures at citadel casinos, whatever whatever’s going on. They see it today.

We’Re going to Bellagio to play the $ 1,090 pot limit Omaha tournament. We got third place for thirteen thousand seven hundred dollars, while four handed with half of the chips in play, Wow for the three guys, five thousand each and I’ll take the remaining prize pool. They agree, we have a deal and I walk away with just over $ 10,000. I shove King Jack over a limper. He calls with ace jack. I hit a king, we’re now three handed and they wanted to discuss a deal.

My opponents agree to take seven thousand. Each and I’ll take the rest of the money, which is just over ten thousand five hundred dollars. We call it a night shake hands and that’s a wrap folks.

This guy claims to be William, William, William Hung she bangs yeah. Can I get a sound bite? No! No, we chop it up three handed three weeks in a row only way they can stop. Us is by canceling the tournament next week because of New Year’s. So they did cancel the tournament, because it’s gon na be new.

Here’S, the Z of aces or kings. Can we get away from Queens here? Of course we can’t get away from Queens we’re all in he snap calls and shows Ace King off suit, let’s hold, and I do believe, gotcha Covered common. Congratulations: Alan again, what’s up guys jeff Bosque here we’re here with Michael Haig, professional poker player, Las Vegas resident you’ll see him at the live casino playing big tournaments playing PLO cash. He does a little bit of everything, Michael, it’s a pleasure to have you on thanks for having me poker, tube dot-com, coming direct to you with the interesting interviews. You won’t see anywhere else.

I learned poker. While I was in prison, I went to federal prison. I know a lot of female fans out there dying to know how many inches are your biceps, it’s great to meet you? Can you give the crowd a little background on your medical success? Yeah, I’m a board-certified family practice doctor.

I recently just this year got board certification and obesity medicine as well coming from Rachel star herself watch Geoff Boesky on YouTube, alright, guys, thanks for joining, we are here with evany Kenny. She is from Florida now in California, she’s an Adam and Eve comm affiliate. She is 5 foot, 1 inches tall called magic, sex and coffee. She was a previous WPT Player to wash she is polyamorous.

You don’t have to google that one welcome evany joining us today is a special guest. You may know him from such YouTube videos, as Phil Hellmuth check raises me, and I have esis and my biggest pot and biggest win ever all on live at the bike. Welcome to the poker 2 podcast Brett, oh good boy, and we are live with Shannon Elizabeth.

She hails from Houston, Texas. Originally she now travels the world helping out all the animals she’s. A lover of animals love her people, an accomplished poker player, actress, all-around great person, welcome to the Poker tube livestream chance, hi. Thanks for having me that’s quite an intro. What’S up guys chef Bosque with poker tube com famous movie star, she wants everybody to place a Sunday at 1 million, welcome to the poker Tube YouTube podcast. Today we have a very special guest hailing from Russia now living in Brooklyn New York.

She was a pro handball player. She was on. Cbs survive her number 32. She has her own YouTube, show podcast. Let’S welcome to the poker 2 podcast Anna Kate, hello and we are live poker 2 presents the official podcast, I’m Geoff boesky joined by none other than Pete Manson le the man’s the myth.

The legend welcome Pete. What’S up dude today we’re joined by Phil Collins, aka USC Phil, though online he hails from South Carolina now residing in Las Vegas Nevada. He’S got over 3 million dollars in online winnings he’s a November Niner winning over 2.2 million dollars in his fifth place, finish in 2011, he’s known to getting twitter wars with the ground and any other takers about politics. His accounts now suspended, but he’s still talking, we got him here tonight. Welcome Phil Collins, hey hey!

What’S up Jeff thanks for having me what’s up guys, i’m jesse jane and you better be watching jeff bow ski on youtube. Oh, my god is that check those game holy shit. Oh, what’s up, ladies, how we doing how we doing i’m gon na go ski.

You can call me the bow skis, oh my god, you’re dr stone kill. I know there’s no precious! Thank you. They are rescues. Sweetie yeah, I always thought that was just so sweet of you. This you can still make you know twenty thirty thousand dollars on your trip or go to zero.

They know it’s a gamble and I really enjoy doing commentary. I look forward to doing more commentary in the future. I’M gon na play a little game with Jeff Bosque here who you probably recognize from his YouTube: vlog golfing or bowling bowling. I’M an excellent bowler highes bowling score 300.

What’S best rip club in Vegas legends room shout out to Stephan Bonnar, I’m at Legends gentlemen’s club, with none other than Stephan Bonnar, UFC Hall of Famer and Brenna sparks. We have the special appearance by crypto, queen you’re, a crypto King. Come hang out with the crypto queen.